Victoria, Australia
Merrian Dennis
Visual Artist

Gnarlbine Studio looks over Lake Gnotuk in Western Victoria, Australia. An inspiring landscape.

My artwork reflects this rural volcanic landscape and the female form of the wide horizon. 

Birds, gum leaves, butterflies, beetles, rock formations, skylines and everyday objects are re-imagined. Friendly magpies visit while I work and tell me to paint our story. 

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Substrate 2023


Dennis’ work is bold and expressive.

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Merrian Dennis’ artwork was also shortlisted for the still life art prize in 2021 & 2022. 

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Layered 2022 

Merrian Dennis’ latest body of work explores the simplicity of the volcanic landscape of South West Victoria, specifically from her home and studio within the crater of Lake Gnotuk. She has focussed on the linear aspects and the multiple layers of this ancient land, whether it be the salty foam lines created by the wind on the surface of the water or the rows of cypress wind breaks planted out by farmers in generations before.  Volcanic features are highlighted in their simplest form on the very flat horizon or within the depths of the crater lakes.

Dennis’ work is bold and expressive as she delicately manoeuvres her brushes and black ink over the smooth surface of the synthetic (Yupo) paper.

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New work will be added to online gallery in the very near future.  Stay tuned!! 

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Merrian Dennis

My artworks reflect both the formative natural landscape that embraces us and the thoughts, ideas and conversations held around  the humble kitchen table. 

Mundane domestic objects are juxtaposed with quirky links from the outside world.

The common magpie visits often and creates a certain harmony with the painting, with clinking and clanking of pots and pans combined with friendships created, music bouncing off the walls, songbirds replying, magpies collecting the scattered cake crumbs from the shaking of the tablecloth on the back porch.

My handmade brushes pay homage to the delicate construction the birds undertake in order to care for their families.

I look and look again, seeking to capture the movement, fancifulness and simplicity of everyday items.

I find treasures; a fallen leaf, rocky outcrops, elegant trees. My eyes seek the ever changing horizon, the changing colours of sky, hill and lake. All make their way on to the page.

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Landscapes – Magpies – Kitchen Utensils – Handmade Brushes.